New Generation Museum in Žďár nad Sázavou

New installations combine immersive elements and experience with exhibits borrowed from prominent Czech institutions. The exhibition on the ground level is dedicated to the Cistercian Order and early Middle Ages; the upper level contains collections of exhibits from the beautiful,
colorful world of Baroque.

How should we talk about the history of a place if there are no artefacts other than architecture? We tell the story through multimedia. The dark atmosphere of a destroyed monastery was brightened up by the light which became the leitmotif of the exhibition.
The light helped us define three separated worlds – the simple monochromatic universe
of the cistercian floor, the multicoloured kaleidoscopic world of the peaceful baroque floor and the present where the natural bright light shines in through the windows
at the end of the exhibition.

The light serves as a guide for the visitors, it takes them for a trip in time. The light is personified
by a little curious girl, a pure, honest child who asks questions that adults would be afraid to ask. Thanks to that we can learn about the Order in the dark medieval times. We can observe
the flourishing baroque times of Abbot Vejmluva who dedicated his live to the prosperity
of the Abbey and also invited Santini – the famous architect – to visit Žďár.

Both main areas of the exhibition offer an immersive experience. On the cistercian floor
the visitors get into a deep thick forest full of wolves somewhere between Bohemia
and Moravia. On the baroque floor they see the painting of the skies we took from
the Philosophical Hall of Strahov Monastery, we set the painting in motion and bring
it to the visitors' feet.

The symbol of the exhibition is a statue of an angel. We used the method of mapping
and projected the statue between the light and the darkness, virtue and temptation.
The climax of the baroque part of the exhibition is an interactive installation which transfers the energy of the visitors into the dancing spotlights projected onto a big screen.
The synergy among the team of curators, museologists, architects and art directors
was outstanding. The exhibition was created through dialogue and we were pleased
to be the storytellers.


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