Prague 1606

The horses are restlessly pacing. Children are playing. Women are whispering. Prague 1606 is slowly awakening to a cold morning... Sadeler's View of Prague. The original of the oldest veduta of early baroque Prague, is in the Museum of Vienna. What is the best way to display this most famous view of Prague so it is seen as just a copy?

We do not present Prague is a static scene, our presentation is a large-format and highly-detailed projection. The visitors get drawn into the pulsating city at the beginning of the 17th century, where thousands of inhabitants are brought to life. They watch people coming together on the square, hear the sounds in the street or messengers rushing to the Castle.

A time loops play a visual game with the visitor. The experience is enhanced by the sound that envelopes this visitor. The sound is designed so the visitor can take his time and contemplate how the city and its inhabitants have changed since 1606.

Art Direction

Martin Hejl

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