Mirrors of Zlín

The multimedia exhibition Mirrors of Zlín reflects the 700- years-old history of Zlín. The first thing
we see is a distinctive view of the development of the city and its surroundings by Pavel Kosatík, which we enhanced by adding some drawings. This results in an intergenerational dialogue between the text and image, which also influences the rest of the exhibition. What follows is a film that immerses you in the past with a sequence of paintings which take the visitors back in time and show the city at various times, seasons and in various lights.

Encyclopedia and Imerse (above) as well as Statements (top) all feature polished steel sheets
Visitors can physically engage with the exhibits
Statements' mirrored "puddles" glow at night
Encyclopedia displays an illustrated history of Zlín

The highlight of the exhibition is a collection of fluid-shaped speakers which are placed among some of the beautiful trees in the park.  At dawn we can hear a polyphonic chorus
of voices of real and fictional characters from different times and places. At dusk you can hear a sound composition which celebrates cyclical time, the seasons of the year, and also the equinox and solstice. In the background we use the sounds of one of the seventeen bell towers in the Zlín region. Every month you can hear the sound of a different bell. The sound
is supported by light effects which create a playful alternative to the street lights in the park.

The contemporary installations contrast the traditional castle

The Mirrors of Zlín exhibition is open now, but at the same time it holds a promise
for the future restoration of the Zlín castle and the park.

Animated narratives depicting Zlín are projected from a castle window
Imerse shows the city at different points in history

Art Direction

Martin Hejl

Architecture and Design

Martin Hejl, Lenka Hejlová, Jan Nálepa, Natália Kaňová

Art and Animation

Milan Martinec, Long Phi Trieu, Petr Janák


Long Phi Trieu, Vojtěch Šálek


Petr Prouza


Pavel Kosatík, Martin Hejl, Kateřina Šípková


Alexey Klyuykov

Sound and Music

Michal Rataj, Matouš Hejl

Light Design

Jan Nálepa


BoysPlayNice, Branko Avramovski, Dušan Tománek



Graphic Design


Audio Video Solution

AVT Group


City of Zlín

Other projects

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