The Drama Club

We installed a new theatre sign inspired by the look of cafes and cinemas in Prague the First Republic. We replaced the theatre’s small windows with large fully openable ones. These enable the theatre to be connected to the street. The public spaces of the theatre are usually calm and quiet, a place for a good coffee or chat, but in the evening it can becomes a lively bar, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

We reduced the size of the theatre props storage area and created a new space – an alternative theatre space, a place for experiment, and a great meeting point for young artists.

We provided a way for the theatre to became what it wanted to be.

Architecture and Design

Martin Hejl, Lenka Hejlová, Jan Nálepa, Adéla Pečlová

AVT Group

Roman Kalamár

Petlach TZB

KB Stavební

RSS Praha

Činoherní Theatre

and others


Alexey Klyuykov


Jan Hostinský


Kateřina Šípková

Other projects

Never-ending Story - Legacy of Mendel in Agriculture
Athens National Archaeological Museum