Never-ending Story - Legacy of Mendel in Agriculture

The exhibition is designed as a neverending dark space which is divided up by a winding transparent membrane. This membrane is the main carrier of the stream of time and the evolution of thoughts.
It also has some gaps that can be used to look through time and into the exhibition space.

The exhibition may be seen linearly – from the past to the present or from the present back to the past. That is possible thanks to the time portals and hypertext which gives visitors
an opportunity to think of non-linear forms of the presentation of the evolution.
The discoveries do not always follow one another chronologically and the evolution
is not always strictly linear.

Genetics has been a part of our everyday life. The large-format drawings which
are in a dialogue with the text and the displayed objects remove the stigma of genetics
and make it more accessible to children.

Art Direction

Lenka Hejl, Martin Hejl

Architecture and Design

Lenka Hejlová, Martin Hejl, Jan Nálepa, Dávid Sivý, Jiří Mašek


Long Phi Trieu


Alexey Klyuykov


VOALA, BENT s.r.o. and others



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