The Tap Tap in the Museum - Story of a Super Band

In the first room visitors are introduced to the public image of The Tap Tap band, they read about their albums and sold out concerts, see a photograph covered carousel that pulsates with sounds from concerts.In the next room the public image of the band fades away. The visitors are in a different world.

A world of supersized statues. These frozen white giants whisper about their secret loves, dreams and also fears.
The visitors peek into the subconsciousness of the band. They can see the sense of humour of the musicians, their motivation and desire to live and create.

Art Direction

Martin Hejl

Architecture and Design

Lenka Hejlová, Martin Hejl, Pavel Uličný


Martin Hejl, Kateřina Šípková


by PINK, The Tap Tap,,, Dušan Tománek, Blue Touch, Etna, Virgo Advertising



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