Moments of History

The corridor functions as a time machine. We enter this 56-metre-long panorama of two continuous projections and travel through an accelerated flow of history starting from the Big Bang all the way
to the Wenceslas Square today.

Anatomy of Space is a film that shows the location of significant historical moments,
the axis mundi of our nation´s modern history, Wenceslas square and it´s architectural transformations throughout the centuries. The flow of time slows down in Anatomy
of Events, we see crowds but also the individual and how they live. Both films show
the important events of the 20th century, they allow the visitor to judge and compare
the events and form their own opinion. Each film is displayed as a stand-alone installation but they come out better when seen in together. 

The prologue of Anatomy of Space puts the film directly into themes explored in the natural history museum, it depicts fascinating scenes from the history of the site.
Children in particular can watch with awe the creation of the universe, the wonders
of the Ordovician Sea and the dawn of humankind. The prologue is followed by a time-lapse documentary that captures the period from 1860  to 2019. Anatomy of Events is a collection of fascinating footage from 1918 – 2019.

All three parts complement each other and together they make a whole – an endless loop that captures the diversity of human actions and emotions against the background
of the urban transformations of Wenceslas Square.

Art Direction

Martin Hejl

Architecture and Design

Martin Hejl, Lenka Hejlová, Jan Nálepa, Petr Láska


Long Phi Trieu, Zdenka Převrátilová, Filip Dioszegi, David Simon, Jonatan Jurion, Dorota Jarošová, Michal Kocourek, Jakub Prantl, Maja Jurse, Teo Kryštůfek, Daniel Kinský, Klára Hulmáková, Marek Budai, Matěj Martinec, Paljar Mjeszko, Mariya Usikova, Anastasia Serdyuk, Adam Soukup, Alex Yankov, Philipp Kolychev, Martin Adam, Lenka Jabůrková


Petr Janák, Long Phi Trieu, Tomáš Holub, Tomáš Hájek, Klára Hulmáková, Magdalena Kašparová, Martin Búřil

3D Animation

Vojtěch Pecka, Lucas Saidl, Sebastian Baalbaki, Dávid Sivý, Vojtěch Šálek, Ondřej Holan, Filip Dioszegi, Daniel Kinský, Tadeáš Slavkovský, Petr Miškovský, Ondřej Rakušan

Light Art and Programming

Jan Nálepa


Dorota Jarošová

Sound and Music

Pavel Jan

Sound Mix

Matěj Šenkýřik


Martin Hejl, Kateřina Šípková, Karel Poupě, Michal Stehlík, Richard Biegel


Viktor Tuček, Adam Martinec


by PINK, National Museum in Prague,, AVT Group, Allegro, Stavant, Etna, Virgo Advertising, Roman Kalamár, VH Steel and Construction, Sipral, Aveton, Bluetouch, Metamechanics, ST.DIO, Cesnet, Institut Intermédií, CAMP, VPÚ Deco and many others



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